Functional Medicine

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An integrative approach to healthcare, functional medicine treats illnesses and promotes wellness by focusing specifically on the unique bio-chemical aspects of each patient. From there, practitioners may focus on individually-tailored treatments and interventions to restore physiological and psychological balance.

The basic principles of functional medicine include the following:

Science-based approach to medicine that applies emerging research with clinical practice.
Individual biochemical treatments based on unique genetic and environmental aspects.
Patient-centric care.
Balance of internal and external factors that may affect function.
Approach of health as a positive vitality, not necessarily absence of disease.

The fundamental difference between functional medicine and conventional approaches is as follows: rather than asking “What drug should be used to treat this disease?” functional medicine practitioners may ask “Why did this problem occur in the first place?” Working from there, physicians may begin to find approaches that identify the root of the problem without any loss of function, therefore revealing why a certain set of symptoms may have occurred in the first place.

Under the label of functional medicine, doctors may prescribe a variety of treatments from multiple disciplines in order to best treat the patient. By integrating traditional Western practices with “alternative” medicines, physicians may create a treatment solution that focuses on prevention through diet, nutrition, exercise, cutting-edge laboratory studies, new diagnostic techniques, a combination of prescription drugs and/or botanical remedies, supplements, dietary changes, and stress-management techniques.

Who Does Functional Medicine Techniques Help?

Therapeutic lifestyle programs via functional medicine approaches are recommended by health organizations as primary treatments for patients suffering from these and other chronic conditions:

Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Chronic fatigue syndrome

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